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The children in our Parish Religious Education Program learn about our Catholic Faith and discuss pertinent issues using approved catechetical texts. But sharing faith involves so much more! Our children pray together, participate at Mass, discover God in their daily lives, and respond to Christ’s call for compassion, mercy and justice. Parents and families are encouraged to assist and attend many events that we sponsor. Please refer to your calendar for details.

The Mass is the primary way Catholic Christians gather as a community. We thank and worship the Lord from whom all blessings flow. Given our commitment to MASSthenCLASS as a means of nurturing faith, we offer special opportunities for student and family involvement. To participate in the Family Mass, look for the website: to volunteer for any of the following areas. You can then choose from one of these categories:

  • A student and their family to be Offertory Gift Bearers
  • A student to read the Universal Prayer (6th, 7th, 8th Grade Only)
  • Two students to be Greeters at the beginning of the Mass
  • Two students to distribute the Parish Bulletin after the Mass

We are blessed to have our parish priests and deacon available to minister to our children in a variety of ways, giving students the wonderful opportunity to get to know our clergy. When Fr. Jim, Fr. Manolo and Fr. Matthew preside at Mass, they are familiar faces to us. They warmly welcome our families as we gather for worship and are sent forth to serve our acre of God’s vineyard here in Maplewood and beyond.

As we proceed through the year, seasonal themes are discussed in class and related activities are suggested for families to do at home. In addition, our students participate in many group Christian Service Projects that are geared toward building an awareness of living lives of compassion, mercy and justice.

Our goal is to support parents and family members as they raise their children in the faith we share. To this noble end, we offer many Christ-centered programs, in partnership with families and supported by the prayers and resources of the parish at large. We invite all of our families to familiarize themselves with the many opportunities administered or supervised by the parish through the Office of Religious Education.

Parish children who are not enrolled in Catholic School are welcome to attend classes held on Sundays immediately following the 9:00am Family Mass. Registration begins in April. Classes begin in mid September, following a published calendar. Tuition is charged to cover part of our costs. Installment payments and/or financial assistance is available in case of real need. Contact us for further details and we will be happy to discuss our program.


Coordinator: Mr. Francisco Malkun :: :: 973-821-4443
Secretary: Mrs. Jeanine Garaban ::” :: 973-821-4438
Office Hours: Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
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