Music Ministry

Our Adult Choir rehearses for about an hour and thirty minutes on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm and sings for the 11:30am Mass on Sundays. We have about 25 members, but we’d like to get that number up to 30 members. If you have sung in your high school or college choir you would have no trouble learning the music we perform. If you’ve had no choral experience but you studied an instrument you will amaze yourself at how quickly you can learn to sing in choir. And if you have no musical experience, but you do enjoy singing, it will take you a little longer to develop the necessary skills. However you will enjoy the process and you will have a great sense of accomplishment when you sing with the choir for the first time.

Our children’s Choir rehearses on Saturday afternoons at 3:00pm and sings at the 9:00am Mass on Sundays. Ages 7 to 13 (give or take a year) are invited to join. In addition to the skills necessary for singing the children who participate in choir develop disciplinary, focus and memory skills. Please contact our Music Director, Greg Scime at 908-217-6464, email:, or just speak to him after any Mass. Thank you.